Dear TEDizens

TED is a bunch of smart creative people that do stuff.  It costs too much money for me to involve in but I find it pretty attractive anyway.  Here’s an email I just got from them.  If you got a bunch of money you aren’t using you might want to check it out.  You might even want to sponsor me with some of that money, eh?    (Oh yeah, Sorry about the Bono thing.  What can I say?)


Dear TEDizens,

Something magical happened in Monterey last Thursday night.

Our three TED Prize winners each unveiled three wishes, and judging from the mountain of feedback since then, most who were there were inspired and motivated to do something about it.

The purpose of this note is to ask you, if you haven’t already, to consider picking one way in which you could support just one of the wishes of our winners, selecting from the options in BLUE below.

There is much more on the goals and action plans under-pinning each wish, here on the website (click on the three ‘Genie’ icons):

Friends, I repeat what I said at TED. You are under no obligation to help with any of this… These are extraordinarily ambitious tasks and they won’t appeal to everyone. BUT, for those of us who do want to work together on this, I have a hunch it could turn out to be a truly satisfying experience. Anyway, I’m in.



WISH ONE: I wish for you to help build a social movement of more than ONE MILLION American activists for Africa.

– great ideas about what it will take to turn the existing ‘One Campaign’ into an effective social movement     called ONE
– resources for scaling up a website to an active, mass-market vehicle (using the powerful new url
– expertise in creating strong COMMUNITY features on a website
– suggestions and offers of help for engaging and activating the audience who become part of ONE
– organizations who would like to be included under the ‘ONE’ umbrella and join this movement
– and while you’re at it, why not sign up yourself at

WISH TWO: I wish to tell people ONE BILLION times about ONE, with as much of this as possible before the G8 Africa Summit in July 2005.

– Donations of broadcast, cable and movie theatre time, especially for the powerful Jon Kamen 60-second film that uses celebrities to endorse
– Offers of creative help to adapt the message to different media
– Billboard, magazine and radio space, both editorial and advertising
– Prominent placement on websites, mentions in blogs; emails to employees
– Marketing and PR assistance
– Possible financial support to buy media time
– Programming that directly or indirectly promotes the ONE campaign

WISH THREE: I wish for you to show the power of information – its power to rewrite the rules and to transform lives – by connecting every hospital, health clinic, and school in one African country, Ethiopia, to the Internet.

– People with on-the-ground experience in Africa, especially Ethiopia
– Companies eager to join a digital coalition that can think big, but at the same time be REALLY smart about local needs
– Possible financial support



WISH ONE: Help me discover new cures for brain disorders utilizing a responsive neurostimulator computer device implanted into the cranial bone connected by wires to electrodes in the brain.

– Connections to leading researchers in neurology
– Ideas for new applications. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Obesity are already being considered
– Companies or individuals interested in this project as partners or investors

WISH TWO: Create the final design for a portable Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator (TMS) that can erase a migraine headache without drugs.

– Companies or designers with strong industrial design capability
– Individuals interested in this project as partners or investors
– Writers or marketers interested in spreading the word about a new solution for migraines

WISH THREE: Create a Brain Trust to rethink our approach to medical liability.

– Individuals willing to be part of such a Brain Trust
– Connections to other remarkable individuals capable of tackling this subject "outside the box"
– Connections to brilliant, creative lawyers and doctors who know this field
– Connections to policy makers in individual states within the US, or countries outside the US
– Ideas for how the brain-trust might be run most effectively
– Companies with the resources to produce really informative interactive videos to explain complex medical issues to patients
– Offers to host or fund the Brain Trust



WISH ONE: I wish my artwork could persuade millions of people to join a global conversation about sustainability

– Ideas for making the campaign unique, powerful, unforgettable. (The plan is to use Ed’s art to drive people to, a powerful, fast-growing site that Ed wishes to support.)
– Offers of media space to carry different elements of the campaign, including billboards, magazines, TV and online
– Contributors to take part in the conversation at
– Five core corporate sponsors for that endorse sustainability values
– Offers to create a mobile display that can tour North America using projection equipment

WISH TWO: I wish we could launch a ground-breaking competition that motivates kids to invent new ideas in sustainable living.

– Ideas and resources to make the competition truly innovative, cool, capable of ‘breaking through’
– Someone to create a Web site for the distribution and collection of competition information.
– Sponsors who can offer prizes or services for the competition.
– Help announcing the competition to North American schools by April 22, 2005.
– Contacts in the US and Canadian school systems that will champion the contest from within

WISH THREE: I wish I could create an IMAX film that would make my work accessible to a broader audience


– An IMAX mentor for Ed

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