Mighty Fine Samwich

Dagwood Bumstead Sandwich

Serves: 1


3   lg Onions

1   Head lettuce

4   Tomatoes, sliced

1   Lobster tail

1   Eagle talon

1   Fish (pref.2-days old)

1   Pot spaghetti   – Cold and gooey

1   lb Bacon (cooked?)

1   Meatloaf

1   Ham

1   Fried egg (over easy)

1   String of sausages

1   Mayonnaise, gallon

1   Jar of pickle relish

1   Tin of sardine in oil

1   Bottle of ketchup

1   Bottle Sweet mustard

1   Hot mustard

1   Loaf Bread

  Assorted cheese

  Assorted vegetables

  Assorted olives



NOTES FROM MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE: Now that he has announced that his joining his wife’s catering business, cartoon chowhound Dagwood Bumstead is releasing the recipe for his famous Dagwood sandwich.

See ingredients above.

See directions below.

DIRECTIONS: Arrange the ingredients between two slices of bread.

Serves one.

From: King Features Syndicate Originally posted by: Elaine Caldwell (KVNH17B

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