Flat-panel speakers bring new dimensions to sound.


This magician wasn’t David Copperfield, merely a man in
a lab coat. And his magic was no illusion. Without any
sleight of hand, he produced a 9 x 12-in. panel made of
a superthin composite also used to make airplanes, deftly
attached a wire to the back, and turned it into singer
Tracy Chapman. Okay, so Tracy Chapman wasn’t really
there, just a loudspeaker like nothing we’d ever seen
before. But it still seemed like alchemy to us.

If U.K.-based New Transducers Limited (NXT) has its way, we’ll be hearing a lot more than Chapman’s earthy voice coming from flat-panel speakers in the next few years. Born of a British Defence Research Agency project aimed at finding ways to isolate noise in airplane cockpits, NXT speaker design is the latest venture of British electronics company Verity Group, whose respected loudspeaker brands include Mission, Wharfedale and Quad. Verity Group is licensing the flat-panel technology under the name NXT to companies that include NEC and JBL parent Harman International…


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