Dear Diary – Saturday

…Went to the Farmers Market yesterday for season opening.  It was predicted to rain all day but the weather actually was nice & sunny.  We enjoyed ourselves and only bought a one sugar free all natural cowboy cookie that we shared. 


We drove over to see some over 55 age limited townhouses that were advertised as open house but they were all closed & locked.  So tired of bullshit & false advertising and sellers that don’t care about customers.  We then went on to Lowe’s Hardware to look at showers to replace the cracked on in our bathroom, but they only had one on display.  Yet another heart rending disappointment.  O! how much more can we take!

            Pam still has what we have now come to believe is poison oak & now I have a giant pustule (maybe 2” X 4”) on my back that itches like a sumbitch.  It is hard to fall apart in our old age.  My hay fever is picking up the slack left by my slowly diminishing super-cold.

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