Nice Ruminations, not mine but nice anyway

This is some relatively clever thoughts to ruminate on –


I think this whole idea of "burping"
your Tupperware is silly. Personally,
I’m waiting for Tupperware I can fart.

If you visit the medical center and
hear my doctor yelling, "Tetanus!
Measles! Flu!" just ignore him.
He likes calling the shots up there.

Let’s see… a carton of Dunhill menthols,
10 fifths of Bacardi, 100 hits of blotter
acid, assorted pills, a garbage bag full of
weed, a half-dozen salt shakers filled with
cocaine, my .45 and a thousand rounds of ammo.
Who knew throwing a "Goodbye, Hunter S.
Thompson" party would be so difficult?

I’m not sure why "War of the Worlds" is
considered science fiction. I mean, somebody
traveling millions of miles to kill Tom Cruise
doesn’t seem all that far-fetched to me.

It’s sad to think that kids of today’s generation
probably have no idea that Prince used to be
known as "the artist formerly known as Prince."

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