Rock n’ Roll will never grow old

On Saturday we rode the motorbike downtown to the bite of Oregon (a traditional summer festival) about 9pm when it had cooled to under 90 degrees & saw legendary Little Richard perform. 


He’s not going to be around forever & I didn’t want to miss what may be my last chance to see him.  He’s about to celebrate his 73rd birthday in December.  I have always regretted missing Jimmy Reed’s last appearance in Santa Rosa some 25 years ago & will always make the effort from now on.  Richard still puts on a hell of a show!  He prances around on his little skinny legs & tells me how pretty he is & still shrieks with joy as he sings about Miss Molly & Tutti-Frutti. 


Some of the great songs he sang were: Rock’n’Roll Is Here To Stay), Good Golly Miss Molly, Kansas City, Long Tall Sally, Rip It Up, Tutti Frutti, Blueberry Hill, Good Golly Miss Molly, Jenny Jenny, Rip It Up, Tutti Frutti, Ain’t That A Shame, I Got A Woman, Bony Moronie, & Keep A Knockin’

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