l1 men died when Fredville was torpedoed and sunk on Jan. 11-1940 by U-23

D/S Fredville


Manager: Jens A. Mørland, Arendal
1150 gt

Delivered in 1917 from Wilton’s Eng. & Slipway, Rotterdam (278) as Agneta for S.M. Leonora (Jos. de Poorter), Rotterdam. Sold in 1921 to Neville Spg. Co. (F.H.Green), London, renamed Fredville. Owned from 1933 by Brynmor Steamship Co., Swansea, from 1934 by Fredavore O/Y, Antti Wihuri, Helsinki, from 1935 by D/S A/S Fredville (M. H. Mikkelsen), Sandefjord, and from 1939 by Skibs-A/S Rikke (A. J. Mørland), Arendal (managed by W. A. Souter, Newcastle[?]).


Picture received from George Robinson,
(external link – the pre war details also came from that site).

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