Mr. Sports Guy’s day


Went to University of Oregon Vs. Montana game in Eugene yesterday.  Pam’s dad sent 2 tickets to the game and a parking pass for our tailgate party.  We had a nice time drinking, eating & watching the ducks beat up on the grizzlies. 

The game was sold out as usual with over 58,000 spectators watching Oregon take the ball over 80 yards to touchdown at kickoff  For a 47-14 win.

We took Dolly to Tim & Laura & their daughter McKenzie held her most of the day.  Dolly tried to dominate Tasha their weenie dog and learned to use a doggy door.  She also pooped on the rug upstairs & peed on the floor downstairs.  But I think they understood cause they have a dog.  They were quite gracious.  We gave them a nice bottle of pinot noir for their trouble. 


The trip down was through heavy traffic but getting to the game parking was a piece of cake.  Leaving the stadium was the easiest post game exit I have ever seen.  They are extremely well organized.  We got caught  in a very heavy thunderstorm on the way home & extremely heavy traffic.  We later heard that the Oregon State game got super rain & hail so our timing was good for a change.


For game details:

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