Sorry Commentary on “Ape Hanger” handlebars

…Putting tall bars did not come from the mine are taller than your mentality (though that too was incorporated just as ridiculously long forks were eventually) but instead have a deadly origin that this particular blog echoes…

For a very long time motorcycle riders have been viewed with distain and often outright hatred. During this time it was fairly common for non motorcycle friendly individuals to run wire across roads. Usually at neck level to decapitate motorcyclists. This was a brutal reality that was dealt with in a wonderfully simple mechanical solution. Put taller bars on your bike so when some a**hole tries to kill you in this fashion your bars take the hit and leave your head pleasantly intact… Just as the end of easyrider was as brutal as it was not for drama and cinematic licensce but to reflect the hard reality of being a biker in years past.

-Arthor Unknown-

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