Eddie Feigner – Fastpitch King

I met this guy almost 20 years ago when I was reporting on Cable TV.  I watched him pitch, was properly impressed & had a nice visit with him.  He was anything but humble.  I didn’t realize at the time how big a deal he was.  He’s now 79 years old, I think & still doing exhibitions through 2005.  WOW! 


Eddie Feigner is considered to be the greatest pitcher of fastpitch softball in the world.  Feigner’s fastball was once clocked at 104 mph.


 “2006 will commemorate 61 years on the road.  The King will be honoring best friends Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris "61". The King pitched to Mantle 300+ times and Maris was a bat boy for the king.”


“Before poor health slowed him, Eddie Feigner ruled the softball world from the pitcher’s rubber, firing blazing fastballs by any hitter.

Eddie "The King" Feigner may rule the diamond with his "Court," but he seems more like a court jester with his Harlem Globetrotter-style antics.”


“It’s hard to believe Feigner, 79, has been traveling with his "King and His Court" softball show for 60 years.”


Check out his internet home here:          http://www.kingandhiscourt.com/index_home.html        

* Pictures here – http://www.kingandhiscourt.com/index_home.html        


“Sports Illustrated ranked The King and His Court one of the greatest teams in sports history”


From ESPN  http://espn.go.com/mlb/s/2002/0515/1382695.html

  Baseball’s greatest pitches of all-time  

“Eddie who? OK, we’re cheating. Feigner was a fastpitch softball pitcher — but, hey, we never said we were sticking to baseball. Feigner was once timed at 104 mph … and remember, he’s pitching closer to home plate. In a two-inning exhibition in 1967, he fanned Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Brooks Robinson, Maury Wills, Harmon Killebrew and Roberto Clemente. He’s nearing 80, but "The King" still tours with his "Court."


Google this guy.  Pretty amazing, eh?

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