Noteworthy- Torn from the Headlines

“As commander in New York, Washington had to maintain a table for his top officers and guests,” Dennis J. Pogue, associate director for restoration at Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens, Washington’s Virginia home, said in an interview. “He didn’t drink it all himself.”
Washington’s list called for:
1 box Claret
1 Cag. Brandy
1 box Muscat wine
1 Basket Cordials
1 box Ratafia
2 Cheeses — old — 58 lb
Pogue said a “box” was probably a case containing an even number of bottles, perhaps 12 or 16; a “cag.” was probably a keg — the standard barrel of the time contained 31 gallons. Ratafia was a cordial flavored with fruit kernels or almonds.
Washington drank, in moderation, a variety of alcohol but favored fortified wines, like Madeira, and porter, a thick, dark, sweetish beer, Pogue said.
When he retired as president in 1797 and returned to Mount Vernon, Washington built one of the biggest distilleries in Virginia
BERKELEY, Calif. – California wine sales in the United States hit another record in 2005, a rise experts attribute to a combination of factors from the Supreme Court weighing in on wine shipments to the vino-centric movie, "Sideways."
"Wine is enjoying this wonderful moment of very favorable attitudes," said industry consultant Jon Fredrikson, who compiled the figures released Monday by the San Francisco-based Wine Institute.
California wine shipments to U.S. markets amounted to 441 million gallons at a retail value of $16.5 billion, said Fredrikson, publisher of the Gomberg-Fredrikson Report. That was up 3 percent from the 2004 record-setting 428 million gallons, which had a retail value of about $15 billion.
 About two out of every three bottles of wine sold in the United States comes from California.
Jesus Christ, is there no hope for morally bankrupt America?  HOUSTON – Two U.S. air marshals pleaded guilty Monday to accepting money to smuggle cocaine on a flight to Las Vegas and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.
The marshals admitted they accepted $15,000 to use their positions as air marshals to bypass airport security and smuggle 15 pounds of cocaine.
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  1. Victor says:

    The Bolivian Legend of Coca claims that coca is a gift from God, but will f*ck up the children from the north who do not know how to use it.

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