How to Lift a Fallen Motorcycle by Yourself

If you ride, you are going to fall over – guaranteed!  Whether it’s because you put the kickstand down in sand or you ducked a cattle truck at 70 mph.  If you survive, you’re going to want to pick up your bike & move on.  Here’s some great information on how to get your bike off it’s side by your self.  I’m told even a little girlie or a grandpa can do this.  With some bikes weighing in at almost a half ton, this is good stuff…


Facing Away from the Motorcycle–For Large Motorcycles–Preferred Method for any Size
· Turn the handlebars to full-lock position with front of tire pointed downward.
· Find the "balance point" of the two tires and the engine, engine guard, or footpeg. The motorcycle will be fairly easy to lift until it reaches this point because it’s resting on its side. Once you start lifting from there, you are responsible for most of the weight of the bike.
· "Sit" down with your butt/lower back against the motorcycle seat. Be very careful to keep your back straight and your head up. Put your feet solidly on the ground about 12 inches apart, with your knees bent slightly. .." 

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