My New IPod

Well, Pam got me a great birthday gift.  A brand new IPod that I’ve now owned for 4 days.  Just long enough to figure how to deal with ITunes and play with my little IDog.
Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day so I decided to play all day.  Took off on the Valkyrie planning a nice long ride to where ever I ended up.  Those are usually the best rides, full of adventure & new experiences.  I ran a couple of errands & wound up at Music Millennium, a really good record store for a free lunch.  nice music, good food and a great assortment of used CD’s that meant my free hotdog only cost me a little over fifty bucks.  Well worth it!
Then off for a nice ride with the new IPod plugged in to my bike’s killer sound system.  I ended up on the road to Mt. Hood, when about 2 miles past ZigZag, right in the middle of some killer White Stripes hardest buttons the music died.  I looked back & saw the IPod vanish in the distance.  Did a U-turn just in time to see the 18 wheeler finish my music off.
Here’s a picture of what a 85mph drop & a 40,000 lb. truck can do to Apple’s best work.  What a piece of crap, pretty flimsy construction.
Anyway, I rode on to the Timberline lodge & had a stiff drink and decided to walk to the top of the mountain.  A brave resolve that the altitude and alcohol soon cured me of.
Note to self:  VELCRO
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One Response to My New IPod

  1. Ted says:

    A flattened kitty kat on the road would not have disturbed me more.  Sad, sad day.  Where do I send the flowers?  I am serious, that is a crappy thing to happen – velcro and 4 doors have seemed to protect mine (mostly).  Went to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at the Zoo last Thursday and we got our tickets to see the Stones (that\’s right, in Wichitata).  Starting riding my little pedal bike around the pond in desperate effort to shed whalish exterior.  Talk to you soon.

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