Money talks & BS walks…

My pre-occupation With The Rich Continues :

Next list I’d like to see on Forbes is the Forbes 200 million poorest people in america who’s combined wealth wouldn’t even qualify for a spot on the wealthiest list.  What can you say?  "somebody get a rope!"  or as Lou Reed said, "America, stick a fork in it.   It’s done!"

Hooray for Geo Bush, the friend of the common man!

This year, for the first time, everyone on The Forbes 400 has at least $1 billion. The collective net worth of the nation’s wealthiest climbed $120 billion, to $1.25 trillion.


1. William Henry Gates III: $53 billion
2. Warren Edward Buffett: $46 billion
3. Sheldon Adelson: $20.5 billion
4. Lawrence Joseph Ellison: $19.5 billion
5. Paul Gardner Allen: $16 billion
6. Jim C Walton: $15.7 billion
7. Christy Walton & family: $15.6 billion
7. S Robson Walton: $15.6 billion
9. Michael Dell: $15.5 billion
9. Alice L Walton: $15.5 billion
Full list

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