Harvey Pekar meets Michael Malice

Harvey Pekar http://www.harveypekar.com/ finally met someone who’s in a worse mood than he is: Michael Malice. As cocreator of the Web site Overheard in New York, Malice posts unflattering snippets of conversations submitted by eavesdroppers

From: Overheard in New York,

  • Girl having to throw away beer: That’s so sad — think of all the sober children in Ethiopia
  • College dude to chick: Statistics are bullshit, just like facts
  • Fat college guy on cell: I only read books with robot insects on the cover. If it doesn’t have robot insects, I slap a sticker on. Pride and Prejudice? Robot insects on the cover makes it better.

Course Harvey Pekar is pretty much a tragic insecure  genius and if you haven’t seen his stuff you really should check it out.  Michael Malice is in a class (or lack there of) all his own.

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