Was that A**hole Osama Ben Laden a master strategist or what?


Was that Asshole Osama Ben Laden a master strategist or what? 

He crippled our economy, made air travel impossible & tied up America’s hands in an Iraq Shithole with a couple of airplane tickets and a few insane losers with box cutters.




Is that George Bush stupid or what?

Please pardon my sarcasm, I just have lost patience with the way our government has failed us.  I love the USA, which has the greatest government system in history.  It’s really upsetting to see the misguided priorities; greed, corruption and fear of our leadership cost so much (some more than others) financial and personal loss to all of us.  It’s time that government listened to this countries citizens and worked in our interests building & planning for the long run.  Our leaders need to ignore their re-election plans, lobbyists, pay-offs & big corporate contributors and try to summon up a little of that compassion, intelligence, altruism & love of country that they paid lip service to on election day.  How much money & how many lives are we willing to spend foolishly.  Maybe the big oil companies could help shoulder the burden?  Oh yes, what ever happened to the Ben Laden hunt?  Seems like it’s been assigned the same priority as OJ’s hunt for the killer.


By the way, how come Joe & Betty Public just sit around on their hands and can’t even leave the beer & TV long enough to vote or write to some of the corrupt deadbeats in congress?  What’s that all about?


E-mail, call or write the President, Congress or state and local government based on your ZIP code. 

Below is a running total of the U.S. taxpayer cost of the Iraq War. The number is based on Congressional appropriations.          

On 4/13/07 at 11am The War in Iraq Cost was 


& still counting by the second!

Then think about the proposed budget cuts for American social services like medicare & milk for school kids!

Think about that on April 15th.

 See the cost in your community

Or compare to the cost of:




Notes and Sources

Set up an LED counter on Main Street in your town.

In April, 2003 an intergenerational team of Niko Matsakis of Boston, MA and Elias Vlanton of Takoma Park, MD created costofwar.com. After maintaining it on their own for the first year, they gave it to the National Priorities Project to contribute to their ongoing educational efforts.


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