Back in the Saddle

I had to completely throw away my hard drive.  I also had to throw away my 120GB Passport external backup drive which blew the next day, leaving me pretty much wasted.  I lost my calendar, my emails, my address book, 6 years of journals, Christmas letters, wry observations on life, over 5,000 mp3 files, thousands of pictures and just about everything else.


I am now back with a vengeance.  I had a 300GB drive laying around that I installed, re-installed my XP OS and was able to find some of my software to re-install and a lot of it I really didn’t want anyway.  The upside is that my drives & configurations are now clean as a whistle and my old computer is blazing fast.  My problems with slow internet speeds are over, now I’m hitting over a GB according to CNET’s modem speed test. 


So… Hello again.

It’s nice to get back in the saddle again.

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One Response to Back in the Saddle

  1. Ted says:

    Yeah for Freddy!!!!.  Bummer about all the music though.  I will try to compile a few mp3 cd\’s and send yer way or the highway.  Guess this is a lesson to backup backup backup.  A lesson that I have not learned yet, but may soon – can cram most of my data on a few DVD\’s wouldn\’t you think?  Will you be doing that?  Talk to you later buddy.
    The Saint

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