Chrysler in bed w/China

Yeah, the blind lead the blind!  The incompetents at Chrysler are going to make sure the Ignorant Chinese hillbillies are going to put out a quality product… & thousand dollar bills are going to fly out my ass

Chrysler Group signed a deal Wednesday with China’s biggest automaker, Chery, to launch a low-cost production venture that could export the first Chinese-made cars to the United States.

The companies will jointly develop future models, probably with Chrysler styling on a Chery platform, LaSorda and

LaSorda said he had "no concerns at all" about convincing U.S. consumers that Chinese-made cars are safe at a time of warnings about seafood, tires and other goods imported from China. Chrysler will work closely with Chery to ensure the cars meet U.S. and European safety and emissions standards, he said.

& in related opinions:

From Our “Right ON” file –

Not content with killing our pets and poisoning our food supply, now China is going after our kids. The number of toys recalled for safety has doubled in the past five years, and every one of the 24 kinds of toys recalled in the United States this year was MADE IN CHINA. Toys with poison paint, rubber toys filled with kerosene — even Al Qaeda couldn’t pull off a sustained attack like this. Slavery, repression, genocide, environmental destruction, slaughter of endangered animals, IP theft, industrial espionage, censorship, corruption — has the world had enough yet? Is there a movement afoot to BOYCOTT CHINA?


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