Random Notes

I might want to check the exhibit out:

Chuck Close Prints: Process and Collaboration, 1219 Sw Park Ave, Portland, OR 97205

Wed Oct 10, 2007 at 10:00AM

Venue: Portland Art Museum

1219 Sw Park Ave, Portland, OR 97205


Other neat news  from NegativelandOn Nov. 20, these old-school copyfighters will release a career-spanning DVD/CD called Our Favorite Things that features revised collages of previous Negativland works assembled with the help of 18 indie filmmakers.


Also see:

Aluminum or Glass," a video by Tim Maloney and Negativland



Some thing else I Thought I wanted…

But on closer inspection I don’t.  It is to take your TV to your computer, what I wanted was from my computer to my TV

Sling Media Slingbox Solo

Editors’ rating: 8.1


The good: Streams home AV sources to any broadband-connected Mac, Windows PC, Windows Mobile, or Palm Treo device in the world; no host PC or monthly charges required; simple, straightforward setup; excellent, easy-to-use software; pass-through AV jacks compatible with standard and HD video; controls almost all cable and satellite boxes and DVRs; excellent video quality over LAN, good video quality over the Internet.

The bad: Cell phone/PDA viewing software costs extra; no built-in wireless networking support; monopolizes the attached device during viewing.

The bottom line: An evolutionary upgrade of past Slingbox models, the Slingbox Solo remains an excellent way to stream your home TV programming to an increasingly wide variety of broadband-connected computers and smart phones.

Read CNET’s full review
Price: $178

We were able to watch our living room TV–with full access to all our channels and recorded DVR programming–on the bedroom PC, on our work PC (10 miles away), on a laptop, or on a Sprint Mogul (anywhere we had access to the EVDO network or Wi-Fi).



This looks great –


script | 25.09.2007 | print

The JW MP3 Player (built with Adobe’s Flash) is the easiest way to add live music or podcasts to your website. It supports playback of a single MP3 file or an RSS, XSPF or ATOM playlist (with advertisement possibilities), a wide range of flashvars (settings) for tweaking both behavior and appearance and an extensive, documented javascript/actionscript API. The example above shows the top songs from Odeo.com.


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