V-Max, My BadAss Motorbike

I really love to ride my 24 year old motorcycle with 150 HP that can do a quarter mile in less than 11 seconds and 0-60 faster than most indy cars.  It’s not just speed, it’s the wind, smells and freedom of 2 wheels which would be great even on a brand new Vespa or even a good bicycle. 
It’s a 1985, the first year with a little more horsepower than later years. 
Roakes has great burpless coney dogs!

We recalled the launch—and we do mean launch—of the amazing Yamaha V-Max 20 years earlier.

The V-Max was the first real power cruiser, with a monstrous 145-horsepower, V-four motor crammed into a surprisingly nimble, shaft-drive chassis. Back then, it was the most outlandishly powerful production motorcycle we’d ever seen. After our first rides, we all came back mumbling to ourselves as if we’d just crawled out of a plane crash.

The V-Max created a whole new class of machine; motorcycles that were incredibly belligerent and exceedingly fast, but not aimed at any kind of sanctioned racing. It was a street racer, designed and executed not just to transport its rider physically, but emotionally as well.

More V-Max

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