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Democrat convention Vs. Palin

What a great Democrat convention  How could anyone other than those with millions in their pockets still be undecided.   Obama gave one of the best speeches I’ve seen last night accepting the Nomination.  Today McCain tried to steal his thunder … Continue reading

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Bernie Mack – RIP & other news

  Bye Bye Bernie:     "Comedian Bernie Mac’s quick wit and his unfiltered realness endeared Mac to those of us who cover entertainment. He was always consistent, always friendly and told great, albeit lengthy, stories. One Bernie Mac sound bite … Continue reading

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Pandora Bookmarked Songs

For your perusal – My pandora bookmarked songs       Loading SamplePlaying SampleCareless Love Snooks Eaglin 08-06-08 Loading SamplePlaying Sample(You Must Fight To Live) On The Planet Of The Apes The Mummies 07-12-08 Loading SamplePlaying SampleGirl In Black The … Continue reading

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DVDs Recently Viewed

Recent Netflix viewings-not my ratings     Star Rating Return Date Beowulf: Director’s Cut 07/31/08 Once 07/25/08 Pierrepoint 07/15/08 I Have Never Forgotten You 07/15/08 Mostly Martha 07/08/08 Bonneville 07/07/08 Forgiving Dr. Mengele 07/01/08 Relative Strangers 06/30/08 Mr. Brooks 06/30/08 … Continue reading

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