Bernie Mack – RIP & other news


Bye Bye Bernie:    

"Comedian Bernie Mac’s quick wit and his unfiltered realness endeared Mac to those of us who cover entertainment. He was always consistent, always friendly and told great, albeit lengthy, stories. One Bernie Mac sound bite could last 15 minutes. And man, could he dress."


Good news – Bad news

     if Congress and the White House can make some relatively minor fixes soon (just as Ronald Reagan did in the mid-80s) there’s no reason Social Security can’t go on supporting retirees for another 75 years.

     Medicare is a different problem: It’s seriously broken and at a much greater risk of going broke. Part of the reason is that the U.S. health care system continues to pile on expenses without any effort made to reform the way it’s financed. In its current state, it’s just not sustainable for another generation.

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     There have been five official recessions in past 35 years. The most recent ones were fairly mild. So if you were born after 1965, you haven’t been through a nasty recession as an adult.              

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"As of this writing, the outstanding public debt amounted to $9,202,650,551,336.71 — or about $9.2 trillion. Of that, about $5.1 trillion is held by the public and another $4 trillion or so is held by government accounts (like Medicare and Social Security.)  For the past year or so, the national debt has been growing at about $1.5 billion every day. (In theory, there’s a legal limit to the national debt, but every time Congress needs more it just votes to raise the limit when no one’s looking.)"



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