Democrat convention Vs. Palin

What a great Democrat convention 

How could anyone other than those with millions in their pockets still be undecided.


Obama gave one of the best speeches I’ve seen last night accepting the Nomination.  Today McCain tried to steal his thunder by picking his VP candidate, a nobody, 2 year governor of Alaska whose only other qualifications or experience is mayor of a town with less than 9K population.


What a f***ing joke.  If this election is not a walk in the park for Obama, then this country will get just what they deserve for its stupidity!  McCain picks as vice president, a former mayor of a little town in Alaska with little other experience, a heart beat away from the presidency & then she tries to steal Hillary’s thunder.  The republicans have the audacity to question Obama’s experience.  Insane!  If 72 year old McCain with 2 cancer episodes is our new president we may likely be looking at President Palin. Then maybe I’m being forced to move to an emerging country and leave the USA to the backward looking fossils.  I never thought President Ronnie would look so good.

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