I Can’t wait for 1/20/09 – President Elect Obama



Celebrate President Obama’s election.



Obama wins the largest popular vote since LBJ 44 years ago


Barack Hussein Obama Elected President!  I guess I will have to shelve the cynicism and admit that America is capable of greatness in spite of all our problems.  I’m so happy to see that my cynicism was kind of wasted and America came through in spite of it’s self.  I was so moved by so many moments last night, especially during Obama’s speech and the grace also of John McCain’s concession.  I found myself crying tears of joy along with all the other weeping faces on my TV screen.  Since I turned 21 I have never missed an election in 43 years.  All my voting during that time had only produced 2 Democrat presidents and now today, I mark the 3rd!


It hasn’t been that many years since I walked around that apartment house just off campus carrying a sign demanding they rent to blacks.  It wasn’t that long ago that blacks weren’t allowed to vote and had shabby black only bathrooms & sat in the back of the bus.  In my short lifetime, I’ve seen such wicked meanness and exploitation of blacks here in the land of the free.  I’m so pleased that the home of the brave had the courage to turn back all the nastiness of the past and ask an honest, honorable smart decent black man to lead us out of the mess that business as usual has brought down upon us.  I can only hope the forces of evil that will take a break long enough for the USA to blossom once again!  For the first time in so many years, I can dare to hope for our future! 


Welcome to Camelot 2009




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