Bank of America-Hooray… Fred – Boo Hoo

Screw the BOA, Screw Wall Street, Screw Washington & most of all, Screw Fred!


In 1980 The Bank of America sent an asshole with a tow truck to my front door to take my Buick away.  I owed about 5-6 more payments (Maybe $4-500) on a car with blue book of $4,000.  They didn’t give a shit about my financial troubles, my business failure or anything else.  I had lost my business, my dreams, my home and pretty much everything material due to the massive Carter recession.  That, they said was my problem, “just gimmie my money!”    Then today I read this:
"Bank of America reached a deal late Thursday to receive an additional $20 billion in capital from the government. The bank will also receive guarantees to cover up to $118 billion in losses on loans and securities backed by residential and commercial real estate as it incorporates recently acquired Merrill Lynch & Co. into its operations."
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