Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 09-What’s in it for me?

OBAMA’S BAILOUT – State by State

Interactive Map: Recovery Beyond the Beltway

Find it here – The Nationwide Allocation of $541 billion

Oregon will get a little over $6 billion, while California gets over $63 billion but it’s 10 times larger than Oregon.  Meanwhile at the nation’s breadbasket, Kansas will have to make do with only $4.25 billion.  That’s a lot of wheat thins, eh?  I can’t wait for some of this largess to trickle down to my pocket.  Maybe I’ll buy the next round then.
Here’s where the $825 billion just passed by the House would go to for each state.  Let’s all line up at the trough or grab a teat & chow down, remember it’s free money, we’ll just crank out some more if we run a little short.  Besides, the grandkids well get the bill, so just relax & enjoy!
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