Daschle & Geithner’s tax problems nip Obama’s change in the bud…

Did Diogenes ever find his honest man?

The problem Obama has, really that the country has is that US government is riddled through & through with corruption, greed, graft, payoffs, good old boys & girls blatantly & subtlety on the take. Just like Diogenes He can’t really find enough honest politicians to fill his cabinet. What a scathing commentary on America. & now it’s Tom Daschle’s turn. From Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to Tom Daschle it’s really getting hard to be an agent for change.  Hard to drain the swamp in Washington DC when you are up to your ass in greed.  Looks to me like the line at the trough is pretty long.  This is a pretty good article from MSNBC.

"The Senate Finance Committee has scheduled a private session tomorrow to discuss Daschle’s tax problems. Daschle, visiting an ailing relative, was unavailable for comment this weekend, and aides refused to release his tax returns.

Meanwhile, the disclosure of Daschle’s lucrative ties to private companies with Washington interests have begun to raise eyebrows among those who expected Obama to be wary of relying on wealthy insiders to stock his administration.

"Daschle is the quintessential Washington story. You leave a powerful position, and you leverage it to make a fortune," said Melanie Sloan, executive director of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a nonprofit government watchdog group. "He is not alone . . . [and] it would be hard for Obama to fill his administration without ever turning to someone like that. That said, these are the kind of Washington insiders that Obama campaigned against."

The Obama team is "learning that it’s easier to campaign on that than govern under it," Sloan added. The problem is that "it looks disingenuous."

Obama condemned lobbyists

In his principal campaign speech on government ethics in June 2007, candidate Obama decried the "morally offensive conduct" of lobbyists and lawmakers who help large industries and special interests exercise "an effective veto on our progress." He singled out the drug and insurance industries for particular scorn, saying that they had pushed for a new Medicare prescription drug benefit and that lawmakers and Bush appointees who made it happen were rewarded with "cushy lobbying jobs that pay millions."

And so it goes…

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