1985 Vmax Vs. 2009 Vmax

Just came back from a ride out to my friend’s house. We had a nice ride. He just bought and took delivery on the new 2009 Vmax. We swapped bikes for an extended 100 mph+ ride. The new bike is great but for more than $20,000 I just don’t see it’s much better than my 1985 original! I’ll stick with the real deal thank you.  Also thanks to the motorcycle gods no tickets were issued!



A few observations:

  • 2009 feels immediately quicker to a point but 1985 seems to keep building speed for longer time
  • 2009 seems to handle a small bit better
  • My bike cost under $3 grand, My buddy paid over $20 grand!
  • 1985 is lighter in fact & feeling also
  • both bikes are maximum silly grin makers & both look badAss
  • I think the 1985 might turn in a bit faster quarter mile time
  • 1985 has a miserable uncomfortable seat, but the 2009 is even worse.  You also seem to sit a bit higher on the new bike.

Of course, it was a fairly short ride.  I spent a lot of time on the highway and spent a lot of time in lower gears, even though speed stayed in the triple digits most of the time.  All in all, it’s hard to believe what a nice bike Yamaha made in 1985.  It seems like it was a tough act to follow.  What a nice way to spend one of the few sunny days we get in the great Northwest in February.

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