Found Wisdom on Twitter


  • I am reminded that Jermaine Jackson has a son named Jermajesty.

  • Jim Beam is Jack Daniel’s with just a leeeeetle bit of kerosene in it

  • Has anyone ever come up with an explanation for that faggy no-arms Irish dancing thing from the 90s

  • In my day critics weren’t afraid to call something ‘butt-squirtingly funny’.

  • Can’t believe it still hasn’t sunk in that whenever I yell at the dogs for barking they just think I’m joining in.

  • Hippies ruined everything

  • Someone seriously needs to patent a Thinking Shit Through pill

  • Free band name: Rabbity Gravity

  • Once again: Niles couldn’t have been in love with Daphne because he was a MASSIVE HOMOSEXUAL and she was COMPLETELY WITHOUT A PENIS

  • Wonder how my dog would like it if I farted in his office

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