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if you’re at all concerned about a shortened URL, consider a service like ExpandMyURL, which allows you to check exactly where that link will lead


Process for deciding what stays and what goes when uncluttering. Simply stated:  Does this make my life better?  if the answer is yes, she keeps the object or routine or whatever it is that she is examining. If her answer is no, she gets rid of it http://unclutterer.com/

This is a really good Twitter site – alreadyfreddyRT @howtoprojects 5 Tips for Breaking Your Fall  http://bit.ly/R5MYY

How To Build A Self-hosted WordPress Blog For Free http://bit.ly/LxSwu


*This is really helpful – How To Set Default Programs, File Associations & Context Menus Easily  http://bit.ly/8OEvS

6 Steps to Unclogging a Bathroom Drain (Without Chemicals) http://bit.ly/U8KRO



Hi Def of Saturn, Awesome – http://ciclops.org/view/5773/The_Rite_of_Spring?js=1 Saturn, taken by the ever-amazing Cassini spacecraft. It’s actually 75 different exposures stitched together, and was taken on August 12, just a little over a day after Saturnian equinox, when the Sun shines straight along the rings.

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