35 Things People Need To Stop Doing

35 Things People Need To Stop Doing:
1. Paying with credit cards.
2. Frowning.
3. Not saying :"Thank you."
4. Discounting their worth.
5. Being pessimistic.
6. Criticizing/complaining.
7. Coming sick to work.
8. Running stop signs.
9. Burning bridges.
10. Not voting.
11. Having a self-righteous attitude.
12. Not washing their hands after going to the bathroom.
13. Fighting.
14. Quitting before the job is done.
15. Showing up late.
16. Not paying their taxes.
17. Using deodorant only every other day.
18. Overeating.
19. Coughing without covering their mouth.
20. Watching TV all day.
21. Gaining weight.
22. Burning the candle on both ends.
23. Bad-mouthing their spouse in front of others.
24. Ignoring the needy.
25. Gambling with the rent money.
26. Not working when they’re on the clock.
27. Promising they’ll do something and then not do it.
28. Talking behind another person’s back.
29. Acting like a child when they’re an adult.
30. Buying things they can’t afford.
31. Calling in sick when they’re not.
32. Not exercising.
33. Speeding.
34. Thinking only of themselves.
35. Coming up with long lists.

Courtesy of mikec – Sonora, California  Web http://www.sugarp…  Thanks for the tweet, great list.

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