Random postings gleaned from “Fred” search on WordPress:

His mother did name him Fred.

His fav color must be red.

Since ev’ry clown knows,

Red covers the nose.

Five things I love about Fred

  1. Gotta be the hair!
  2. Excitement, excitement. Fred brings fun no matter the situation. He adds energy to a room.
  3. Love the way he leaves a table at a restaurant to visit the Restroom: Under the table so as not to inconvenience anyone…
  4. Love his gentlemanly ways when dealing with both his princesses (sisters) and his mother.
  5. His willingness to ask questions about those things he doesn’t understand, usually in a clear, loud voice

Ok Fred

OK Fred, now you’re a yaga yaga
OK Fred, bully for you
OK Fred, now you’re a yaga yaga
I wanna be one too

OK Fred, now I’m a yaga yaga
OK Fred, what do I do ?
OK Fred, now I’m a yaga yaga
I am just like you

She said, like the way that you do it
When you do it on the quit
She say, like the way that you move
I like the way that you groove, she said

  • … The movie you ask?  I’ll tell ya, it was for that Fred faggot that makes his voice higher and annoys the shit out of me.  So, yeah, Fred movie = shit, wait, no, shit >Fred, if you like Fred and are offended
  • … Brindlepup and I LOVE Fred! Fred’s not dead and has been transplanted into a far more spacious 10 gallon aquarium tank. He immediately burried himself in the mulch and hid. His new crib also sports a brand new, indoor pool. Fred also has a (temporary?) new companion in his fancy new digs: an earthworm.
  • Wikipedia “Fred” is a derisive term used by cyclists to describe other cyclists
  • You met Fred? Fred is water. I don’t know how environmentally friendly Fred is, but Fred‘s marketing team is really smart
  • Fred Flare is an online store that carries some of the most unusual, quirky and fun products
  • The Color Fred – Bend To Break
  • Sneak Peeks: Nike Big High “Fred Flintsone” Edition
  • Fred in 30 years ·
  • Fred Gill (Two Foot Fred) Tags:
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