The K-k-k-k-kings sssssssspeech

Went to the early matinee yesterday to see the The King’s Speech“. It was historically accurate, masterfully filmed, scripted, acted and had great visuals & sets.. The illusion was so real that at times I felt I was peeking through a key hole in time.

Both Colin Firth & Geoffrey Rush deserve best actor academy award nominations. Helena Bonham Carter is a very competent actor in spite of her 2 different colored shoes and her weird persona. She always delivers and looks somewhat like Queen Elizabeth. Eve Best, who played Wallace Simpson had just the right attitude and also looked rather like the real Wallace.

The film captured the feel and history perfectly and fleshed the players into reality rather than just stiffs in old photos. I found a lot of inspiration and couldn’t help tearing up in a few places. It’s can’t be easy to endure the life of British royalty.

I have few criticisms with the movie. I lost patience waiting for the stuttering to end (I have never had much patience with stutterers – so shot me, I’m an asshole) and I felt the need to finish sentences & take a quick short nap waiting for the next painfully excreted word. My only other beef is with the worse Churchill portrayal of all times. Sorry about that opinion, my apologies to Timothy Spall but pl-eeeze.   It was a far better Hitchcock portrayal than one of Churchill.  Takes more than a cigar & nervous lip to rock Winston’s role.

The King’s speech is an obvious & well deserved shoo-in for a “Best Picture” Academy Award nomination and one of the few films that I could and probably will watch more than once.

PS: Digital cinema shown in movie theaters should be outlawed. I have superior digital images on my big HiDef TV at home. If not outlawed than some other fine or punishment should be levied on theaters, especially the ones that don’t give any warning that they are too cheap to show actual FILMS.

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One Response to The K-k-k-k-kings sssssssspeech

  1. JP says:

    I agree. With every contention.

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