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OLD STUFF FROM THE 70’s.  Far far away & a long time ago I enjoyed doing this. There’s more where that came from but this all I have the courage for today! Technorati Tags: art,fred,cartoons,timid,70’s

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Why I ride!

This little film really expresses the joy of motorcycling.  I love these guys! Planning to ride to Sturgis on my 67th birthday!  I’ll tour Europe motorcycle camping for my 70th summer. Technorati Tags: Motorcycle,touring,sturgis,joy of motorcycling

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Taimane’s Toccata – Ukulele to the MAX!

Taimane Gardner, you might want to goggle her or check out her website   She’s a 21 year old college student From Hawaii who credits Don Ho for guidance. Here’s my Don Ho story. – I was on a Mai … Continue reading

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“Expanding Anyway” by Phantasmic – Trippy enuff for you?

Please watch in full screen.  Maybe with the drug of your choice, eh?    Just click on  Anyway and enter a wonderful place. from Tripp/Jenna Watt on Vimeo. I don’t know much about these people other than they have huge talent.  Check … Continue reading

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