Today’s Notes

Truth be told, I like Twitter a lot more than blogging.  It suits my ADD better but still…

Just got followed by this interesting site: Olde Elford Zouch @MrZouch is now following you(@alreadyfreddy).   You might want take a look at this.  Interesting & exciting stuff here:


Art Shots: Illustrated Entities by Are Mokkelbost

The Elliott Murphy Papers Album 9 – “Milwaukee”

  • Little Know Facts cont. Elliot Murphy made one very fine record Aquashow .. got no airplay, I guess. Last of the Rock Stars and Hangin’ Out were fine songs. Released in 1973,  Bruce listened to these 2 songs and others, day in and day out, while preparing for Born the Run.

· “Going through something, but I don’t what it is/I don’t feel like an adult, I don’t look like a kid/Caught in the grip of some rock ‘n roll dream/Like twenty years of loving someone you’ve never seen” (“Going Through Something”). If you’re determined to have a mid-life crisis, I recommend this as the soundtrack.


Silence TV – For more info, and to download images, iPhone wallpapers and computer desktops check out the project’s website HERE. clip_image003

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