10 Ways to Stop the Self-Defeating Habits of Highly Successful People

1. Start winning only when it really matters and stop needing to win when nobody’s counting or at the expense of others.

2. Start telling more people how much you like their ideas, and stop adding a “but” to it.

3. Start recognizing when your seemingly harmless comments aren’t “victimless” and stop making destructive remarks that don’t help the person you are speaking to, the person you are speaking about, your company, your clients, or your family.

4. Start showing others how smart, creative and resourceful they are, and stop needing to show how smart you are, either overtly or subtly.

5. Start making time to keep others in the loop and stop withholding information to gain power, put someone at a disadvantage, or because it simply doesn’t feel important enough.

6. Start giving timely, relevant and positive recognition to other people for their contributions and stop assuming that you’re giving enough or that people shouldn’t need the recognition for doing their jobs.

7. Start giving credit abundantly and stop taking more credit than you deserve.

8. Start listening without distraction or judgment and stop faking it.

9. Start asking for feedback and stop expressing your opinion about that feedback.

10. Start fixing the problem and stop explaining the problem.

FROM: http://www.myjewishcoach.com/

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