Today’s favorite pictures

Random images from my Picture file.  Stuff that pleases me:

 2011-04-14_12-58-53_67 2011-04-17_00-24-30_96 2011-04-17_17-39-35_723 2011-04-17_19-38-19_167 2011-04-17_19-46-29_444 2011-04-17_21-51-38_554 2011-04-20_11-53-46_526   IMG_20110501_130245 IMG_20120324_174439 2011-04-21_15-52-49_771IMG_20120326_1648282011-04-20_14-24-09_802

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3 Responses to Today’s favorite pictures

  1. JP says:

    Well, I’ve always known you had interesting tastes. However, I would like to point out that the manikin (mannequin) isn’t really trapped. All it needs to do is move a bit to the right. You’re welcome.

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