Fredville goes to the Oscars – 85th Academy Awards

On the Oscars having only seen only a smattering of the nominees & not paying much attention to anything other than wine last night… I guess I should have read a few reviews this morning.  That’s why God made TIVO.

Anyway here goes:

I was not impressed by “Silver Linings” or Jennifer Lawrence, she’s kind of a twit just like she was in the “Hunger Games”. I am probably too emotionally healthy to fully appreciate the subtleties of beating up on folks as therapy. Equally unimpressed by Les Mess. I really liked Lincoln, what’s not to like about freeing the slaves or seeing Danny Lewis at his best as a squeaky President Lincoln?

I also enjoyed the “Beasts of the Southern Wild” & that precocious little girl whose name I won’t attempt to spell, but I’m afraid I’m wasn’t clever enough to fully appreciate the film & was somewhat confused by some of the important stuff like those weird pigs.

I haven’t seen Argo or Django but again what’s not to like about killing Slavers or thwarting the Iranian militants. Sorry to admit that for me Django only resonates as a great guitarist, not an angry black guy, whatever…

Life of pi looks like a very nice bunch of pretty pictures and I plan to enthusiastically enjoy it soon. Moving on, I’m finding it hard to understand why Seymour Hoffman is nominated for supporting instead of as leading actor and why Jacki Weaver is even allowed in this highfalutin company. While I’m being like that, let me be the first maybe the only to say DeNiro overacted. Is this what they mean by “Chewing the scenery”? He’s the reason we served ham at our Oscar party.

Any award involving stunning visuals must of course belong to Pi. Sugarman deserves the Oscar, just hold off for maybe 30 or so year to award it. Even if it didn’t win “Fresh Guacamole” is one of the cleverest animations I’ve seen in years and deserves the Oscar if not for its wonderfulness but its brevity. The rest of the categories I will leave for another day since I really drank way too much last night and must get a little rest.

Here’s the official list of winners & here’s a list of every best picture Oscar winners ever.

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1 Response to Fredville goes to the Oscars – 85th Academy Awards

  1. JP says:

    You score highly on the CFW Scale (Curmudgeon, For the Win). The guacamole short was definitely clever and amazingly done. Paperman was terminally sweet and also very creative, but I’d bet it was the sweetness that won it for them. One of the people responsible for Paperman was ejected from the audience after she (sorta) threw paper airplanes in celebration of her award.

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